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The Swag

Here are a few shots of the bike swag that I carry rolled up on the back. I had ridden into a small place called Hayes Creek just short of Darwin on dark after a big day in the saddle and dealing with a breakdown earlier in the day at Timber Creek.

Worn out I hopped off the bike, refueled both the bike and myself (Awesome dinosaur sized T-Bone Steak with cold, cold beer) and promptly crashed out asleep nearby. It was raining, hence the handy covered location. Before I shut down for the night I made very sure I followed the young guy at the servo/bar/shop/accommodation, payment counters advice in keeping the zips closed up as he stated "Be careful, this whole area is bloody infested with snakes, absolutely infested..."

(Hoon) Any person who drives or rides in a dangerous and/or fast manner which is anti-social towards the standards of modern day society.
(Lunatic) A person whose actions and manner are marked by extreme eccentricity or recklessness.
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