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Sure, why not?
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I liked mine. In hindsight I blame my meltdown on Max's service managers advice to swap the block instead of fixing it. I never should have listened to him. From there my anti roundel mind knew no bounds (still does in some regards) and I admit I was a bit of an ass. Nobody fit the 1150GS like I did that bike fit me like a glove.

As far as them being successful at WSBK if they'd have done something on their own it might be meaningful but as they ran their mouths for years about their bikes being fast when they were 50mph slower than the bikes from japan and then went the if you can't beat them join them route. Time marches on and I'm thinking this waterhead or whatever they call it is a real gem and might finally be the upright seating street legal close your eye's you're on a big motocross bike without the pain and it even rips thing the world (or at least me) has been looking for. I could buy an awful lot of Nikon with what this will cost so it's a pipe dream but I'd still like to ride one.
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