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Derby, Prison Boab Tree

I set off from Broome early to check out Derby further north and then see if the Gibb River Road was still open to get through to Wyndham.
First stop along the way was a giant hollow Boab tree with a entry point in it like a window/small door. It was called Boab Prison Tree. Although as its name suggests, you could fit quite a few people inside it was more a staging/rest point for police and escorted Aboriginal prisoners, back in white settler days on the way to Derby.

Derby Jetty at low tide

Warning signs of the local wildlife to be taken heed of. Beware of the man eating critters...

Out on the jetty, it was so hot and humid there that morning.

Whilst in Derby I couldn't get reliable information on the status of the Gibb River Roads pass ability. No one had been through since the recent rains and all admitted that "it's usually closed by now..." As I had limited days to get to Darwin on time for my next swing at sea, I unfortunately had to make the safe call of going the long way round via the Great Northern Highway.

It was very disappointing for me as I had heard and read about the Gibb River Road for most of my life and personally considered it as a "Rite Of Passage" into the Kimberly. I just couldn't risk the chance of having to turn around so far into the road with flooded river crossings and back track. I fully intend on returning and doing it someday as the area it full of amazing gorges, scenic country and remoteness of its own special kind.
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