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In additon to my post #8 here the model 199b in racing outfit not quite ready only some small parts missing.

The bike can be set-up in two veions, stock like from the factory when made in August 1981 or in "trials competition" outfit. he colorscheme I like most, beside the enhancements this last model from Bultaco got like the modified frame geometry, the 6-speed gearbox and the engine enhancements.

In spring 2013 I hope to get it fired up again.

Between the standard and the modiefied set up there are the following changes:

- fork with different internal set up (springs, shims, ...), the lower stanchions are shaved too
to reduce weight, (upperstanchions alineg and with new hard chrome coated),
- rear shocks, special batch from Magical in Spain made in 2008 for Spanish Puma Bultacos,
- gas-tank custom made out of fiberglas, lighter and works with our ethanol gasoline too.
- air-box custom made out of fiberglas, lighter and slightly bigger volume,
- Dell'Orto carb,
- less flywheel mass, reduced the weight around 2 pounds, to get more live in the engine,
- clutch actuator with roller bearings, reducing the force you need pulling the lever a lot,
- fine balanced piston, con-rod, crankshaft assembly,
- aluminium handlebar,
- aluminium chain guard, (a shaved one from the 151 model),
- machined brake pad's, (brakes are a weak point),
- modified exhaust, mid- and rear section, shaving of another 1 and 1/2 pound with better
airflow without increasing noise, (better response of the engine, leaving the )

The parts used where beside all rubber-, spokes- brakepads, cables and bearing parts NOS which took much time finding.

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