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It was on to Wyndham from Derby via Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek and Warmun. This country had its own amazing terrain and I welcomed some brief rain showers to momentarily break the heat and humidity. It was strange being rained on whilst riding and still being stinking hot, it was met with relief and laughter from within my helmet.

Something that isn't portrayed well in my photos is the results of massive fires that had been throughout the countryside once I got north of Port Hedland and through this area. They must have been burning for weeks or even months to blacken such an expansive area. The first rains of the Wet Season had given everything a green tinge but the evidence of fire was still there for thousands of kilometres.

I pushed through a solid 1000km day to arrive in Wyndham on dark. I hadn't even got off the bike as I pulled up out the front of the Wyndham Pub and was offered a free beer by the friendly publican. I decided to lash out and get a room, to clean myself up and fully charge camera and phone batteries etc. I was without doubt on the nose after sitting in my own sweat for days so a shower was going to be a welcome luxury.

After an immense "old time pub feed" of marinated lamb chops, chips and salad washed down with cold ciders and great conversation with the locals had me feeling like the luckiest man alive. Of course I already knew that, but to punctuate a awesome days riding through unfamiliar, amazingly beautiful landscapes as I had, left me grinning from ear to ear.

My plans of a sleep in were shattered by my parents and my first phone call in nearly a week. On updating them of my "still alive status" they shared a cool coincidental happening that a dear family friend I have known since childhood "Winnie" had been born 59 years previous to the day, on the flat bed tray of an old Bedford truck in the shade of a tree out the front of the Wyndham Pub! Apparently the little Irish nurse who delivered her had to be lifted up by a couple of the locals as she was so small and couldn't climb up!

Main street Wyndham. Signs of yesteryear, Lee Tong, tailor, outfitter, general storekeeper

Wyndham Public Jetty, local boat ramp in the back ground

Five Rivers Lookout

The Wyndham Croc

The day before I got to Wyndham, the locals said a dog had been taken by a croc right at the local boat ramp as its owner was winching on his boat... This boat ramp was pretty much just across the road from the Pub!
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