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Cut in half 3 times my R1100GS '95

My bike has a M94 gearbox , and had the conical bearings in the imput shaft, so I found a recall from bmw that recomend to replace all bearings with clean or sealed ball bearings, so I look up for the and cut the bike in 2 halves open the gearbox and replace the bearings, but (there is always a "BUT")I made A mistake in the roller bearings from the intermediated shaft and had to split the bike again and change the wrong roller bearings, so the gearbox was like new and silent, but (again) after a month using it on the weekends , start to developing a problem with the clutch, so I consult JVB and explaind what was happening to the cluth and he answer me "no lubrication on the shaft splines" so I remove the starter to check the shaft and was rusty and also check the thickness of the clutch plate and was 4.8mm , apractically wrong out!! so I split the bike again!! and replace the clutch with a complet set that I bought at Beemerboneyard that works great, so in the las 2 and half months I have split the bike 3 times, so I have an almost new '95 R1100GS

PS thanks a lot to JVB and Mike from Beemerboneyard for all the help and atentions!!!

So That's what I have beem doing to my GS latelly !!!!!!


sorry for my english in case of any mistake!!
'95 R 1100 GS
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