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All this past week it's been raining and storming so I haven't had much time on the bike. Yesterday the heat index was over 100f but it wasn't raining, come hell or high water I was going for a I had a new Alaskan leather buttpad to check out.

I left the house at 5pm to try avoid some of the heat. Didn't really work as it was as still in the high 90s. The traffic was oddly light for a holiday weekend. Getting through the construction zone that is Mount Pleasant took the normal 45 minutes. Once we cleared town the 17N was pretty much empty so I cranked it up to 80 and hummed to myself while the miles ticked by. I brought along the Go Cruise Throttle Control to test out as well. It was a little fiddly to use and I hit the rev limiter while trying to shift gears with it engaged. After a bit I got the hang of it and it seems this will definitely be brought along for longer rides.

After about 50 minutes I pulled off for McClellanville. This is a beautiful old town that sits right on a marsh. Most people here make their living either as fisherman, crabbers, or oysterman. There are a few shops in the "downtown" area. Most were closed. I'm not sure wether that was due to it being labor day or they where never open. The windows seemed pretty dusty so I'm thinking most of the shops were no longer open for business. The majority of houses down here are of the old fashioned southern style, big with may windows and large columns. We have the same houses in Charleston but they look perfect like they are painted every six months. Down in McCellanville the houses have a bit more of a lived in look, the grassy yards are a little wilder, the houses look like they may have skipped a year between paintings, and the tin roofs have a patina of moss.

We drove slowly though town checking out all the big houses and chuches. Most of the yards were shaded by Live Oaks. Branching off the main road were winding sand roads that crisscrossed between the houses before ending at the marsh. We drove to the end of the road were there is a public boat ramp so we stop and stretch our legs and have a drink. As I was removing my helmet I saw swarms of what I thought was gnats but after i felt the first bite I realized there was clouds of mosquitos in the air. We took all out gear off and ran out onto the pier to have a look. The breeze was stronger here and it kept the bugs down. The view from the pier was great. The river winds through the town and it's bordered by oyster flats and private piers covered in crab traps. We watched the busy boat ramp for a while people were coming and going in kayaks and fishing boats. There was a pack of friendly dogs, mostly pitbulls that greeted people at the ramp. They would check out the catch and take pets from kids while the boats were being unloaded. We watched a pair of dolphins swim up the river into the harbor and the dogs ran from dock to dock barking at them when the surfaced. I snapped a few pics for our local tag game then got back on the bike to explore the town.

We drove through the center of town checking out the old houses and parks. From my last visit I knew they had some fishing docks towards the top of the harbor and I wanted to see if I could grab some pics while the light was good. I turned off the main road and passed some interesting houses. One house looked like at one time it had been a house boat and had been brought onto the land a permanent structure. Another house had a tree house in the front yard and leaning against the tree house was a huge anchor. It must have been 10ft feet tall. We got to the harbor and it seemed most of the boats were either closed up for the day or in the proces of closing up. I snapped a few pics whilst trying to avoid the clouds of mosquitos. From here we jumped back onto the bike and headed back to Charleston. I'll have to come out here again when the weather is a bit more temperate and take some more pics.

A view of the waterfront.

A dolphin swimming up the river.

Kayaker unloading at the public boat ramp.

A quick photo for my local tag-o-rama game.

One of the nice old houses along the main street through town.

Riding down main street.

Checking out the fishing docks.

Shrimp boats done for the day.

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