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U guys rock!!

Originally Posted by divimon2000 View Post
Anyone here do this? (I'm sure, just haven't searched yet) Too bad for you, here is another one. I have rebuilt a bike before, but never had anything to do with an engine. Buddy has (Eric). My rebuild thread is here.

Buddy and I find a BMW F650 GS '07 with 35k on it for a REALLY good price. Been looking forever. Finally. Engine is pretty much toast , but thats what we do- buy other peoples junk (if its cool) and get'er going. We have more time and beer than brains and money.


Oil out the breather tube into the airbox. So much so, the PO attached the end to a bottle of coke and drove it around. After a couple of checkouts by local dealers, Max BMW gives him the bad news of something serious. My guess is they said a new engine or work totaling close close to that. They did a decent diagnosis with compression test and leakdown test.

We started it and checked it out as well and found it may have less power that the other 650's we've rode, had some sort of clanking unlike the cam chain and a lot of oil coming out when starting. It decreased to a mist when driving.

All in all the bike is in supergreat shape and we're psyched. I have a Dakar and a rebuilt 650GS so we're up to a posse if this thing gets running. We figure we have a few thou to spend and still make money on it so its all downhill from here. (uh huh)

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Its going to be my first long trip destination when the snow clears this spring, have to come out n see you and my old beast! It's amazing that she was till running with the broken piston! BMW quality! Happy to know that you don't have a bottom end issue as we thought, upper end rebuilds should be a bit easier but then again, were did the broken bits end up??? Cheers, and look forward to seeing more as you go! MC aka 20Fingers
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