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Laugh Yes, it was part of the problem!

Originally Posted by mcma111 View Post
By any chance did Max say the piston and rings are shot thus the blow-by, pressurizing of the lower end?
Hey Steve,
I sold this bike to the boys at ADV Garage...also, I was the one who took the 650 to Max for some help! Yes, they indicated that only three reasons could be causing the loss of oil through the breather tube, on top of their diog, I spoke to ROTAX in Germany regarding the problem (out of frustration with not getting help at another NON-Max dealership) A five minute conversation with the tech at Rotax indicated that ONLY three reasons for the oil leak:
1) over fill, which is something of a common problem with these bikes and new owners...judging oil capacity and need for more oil. YES, I did over fill it about a year ago, discovered the problem, dumped the oil and refilled before 2 miles got on the odo.
2) Seal failure on the counter balance shaft, leaking oil from the crank case into the right side housing that has the vent tube on it.
3) Compression leak issue, causing a pressure build up in the crank case. Which was the problem ADV Garage discovered when they broke down the motor! AMAZING to me the bike was still running at all!

In retrospect regarding the money I spent on a dealership (NOT MAX), time, effort, and frustration with getting ZERO answers, ONE email or phone call to ROTAX could have saved me $600 in diagnostics and run-around! ADV RIDER was instrumental in my eventual success in finding the right help! I accessed the Thumper pages and found the right advice which led me to contacting ROTAX. Just wish I had done this prior to visiting the cheesy dealer who took my money (happily I might add) and sent me home with no real answer and no results. One stinking call-email, could have saved me a bundle!

Can't wait to see her back up and on the road this summer, or winter, depending on when ADV garage gets the job done!
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