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From a previous post I made,

"Others prefer the ropes. I carry both, but will only use the rope as the second resort. I have used plugged tires for the duration of their tread a couple of times. I'm always leery initially and I monitor the tire until I am satisfied the repair is OK. It does help that I have TPMS on my bike."

I am a fan of the mushroom Stop and Go's. I have not had a problem with them if I prepared the puncture hole correctly by reaming and if the bore hole was not irregularly shaped (as in sliced).

BTW, I use CO2 cartridges instead of a pump. I trust them more than pumps that are stored under the seat and potentially vibrated to oblivion before they get used.

Good luck. Lastly, you should know up front that the debate over flat repairs has similar intensity as the Red versus Blue debates. Both sides are right and unyielding.
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