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Originally Posted by Endurodude View Post
My taller first gear has slightly INCREASED the mpg, has steadied first gear snatchiness and hasn't affected acceleration at all, really (not hat I've noticed, at any rate!). It appears to be the cheapest option, too?!
Taller 1st gear? You mean front sprocket? Or you actually tore the gear box apart and installed a new gear? If so please pass the knowledge of this part on? Also did you run similar setups between the other gears?

I have done this on quite a few race bikes but in all my internet travels I have not seen anything for the F800 so far. It is not really that it has fixed snatchiness it is the derivation of the power being transferred over a broader spectrum. I can not believe that this is a cheaper option because of the work involved in just pulling the entire motor and dealing with seals, fluid, and the necessary knowledge just to do this. A fuel mapping ECU and a sprocket change would be easier, cheaper and more pliable to adapt to different configurations... More information please.
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