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Originally Posted by buls4evr View Post
Got quiet...... Divorce lawyer? 2 DR650s for sale?
LOL... I am supposed to assure everyone that our bikes are NOT for sale! Wouldn't make sense to get a divorce lawyer seeing as how I refuse to marry Hesaid all legal-like. LONG stories that I will be happy to tell around a campfire with a beer in my hand if anyone ever wants to hear them.

For the most part, you are always sure to hear more and more often from Hesaid than from me. I am active on several Internet forums related to my career (yeah, I know, it's total news to most folks that there's more to do doing nails than just sitting around doing nails all day... but I like to set the curve a little higher in most things I do. Most. This motorcycling thing didn't exactly do my image any favors!) so I just don't have much time to keep up with y'all.

Also, this forum is CRAZY! Hesaid keeps sending me links to threads about dutch oven cooking and lightweight motorcylce tents and BELIEVE ME I have input on those subjects! I just have don't have time to keep up with them!

We plan to get back on the bikes this weekend, nothing too adventurous but my orthopedist has only recentely (and quite reluctantly) agreed that I could get back on the bike at all!

Many adventures and hilarious Hesaid/Shesaid posts will ensue! Meanwhile... if you want a great taste of past adventures, I think I managed to fill out my profile properly and there should be a link to my blog-- look up all the canoeing posts. I can't wait to start writing biking posts too!

(Also, VERY Excited about the promise of lowering link! 1 more inch, that's all I ask! )
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