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Originally Posted by JensEskildsen View Post
Christian, you must be the "others" then Thanks =)

Spud, yeah I saw that, but wondered if it would have the same effect without the cooler. Going by Christian, theres very little to gain that way.

In the summer we get around 25c (77fahrenheit) here, on the interstate at 110km/h (68mph) my oiltemp will eventually climb to 120c. (248 fahrenheit) It meassures the temps in the frame, so its probably hotter elsewhere in the engine. Its not dangerously high, but perhaps a bit higher than I would want it. The same goes for singletrack/sand ect.

Seems like theres not much to do, other than add a cooler, which I really dont want to.

The bike does have a larger gastank, which seems to "collect/gather" way more air than the stocker. Its been fine for over 110.000km so I know it wont break down because of that, but I like to improve small things, and make the bike more suited for my needs.
If your oil temperatures don't exceed 248 degrees Fahrenheit, you probably don't need an oil cooler. The engine oil coming off the piston skirt is probably the hottest oil in the bike; it's probably 50 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the oil in the reservoir. Therefore, your highest oil temperatures are probably around 300 degrees Fahrenheit, or a little hotter. Conventional motor oil doesn't start to degrade until it reaches about 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so you are probably quite safe. I would consider installing an oil cooler when oil temperatures in the reservoir start to exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

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