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Originally Posted by roadracer View Post
Couple comments/questions on the updated rules:

"9.5. Starting Order for the first Special Stage each day after the first will be based, not on the results, but rather on the modified average speed of each entrant. The average speeds for each stage are computed. Some stages will be thrown out in an effort to ignore anomalies (such as stages where a racer was stuck in a ditch for four hours), and the remaining “good” stages are averaged together. These calculations are based on all previous days, to get the best possible picture of the representative speed of each vehicle. The racers are then ranked with the highest result first and lowest result last. No penalty times are included when determining the mid-rally start orders."

Seems unfair to penalize the folks who didn't have a mechanical/bad section once the race has started, however minor that penalty.
Actually it is safer to have everyone that typically runs at the same pace running together. You really want Robby Gordon working his way though everyone after he has one of his typical brain farts? (Actually Rubby won't be there this next race but still....)

Originally Posted by roadracer View Post
" Starting out of sequence at a stage with a published start order: 10 minutes."

How is this going to work in practice? As long as you get there 5 seconds before your start time, you're good? Do you have to be there the full 60 minutes early and lined up?
Published start time would be at the first stage of the day. I don't know about the rest of you question as all of the stages I navigated in we were leading overall, we simply drove to the front of the line, presented our paperwork on time, and off we went!
Originally Posted by roadracer View Post
One thing that looks like it's missing:

1) You have to turn in your timecard at the finish line of each day with no exceptions or you max out.

Looking forward to '13 and electronic scoring! =)
The official time is also written on the sticker on the vehicle.
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