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Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
Malles Moto ?
Actually what MaineRoot and I have been discussing is basically that -- My trucks carry all those "unsupported" riders supplies from night to night. I'd have it organized with everyone at the same hotel (even in BofLA). Riders do their own maintenance from their own boxes. We supply chemicals, some misc. parts, etc.
Unlike Dakar you're not in a tent though
We also transport all these unsupported (no personal truck/people support) bikes and supplies to Mexicali and back north from Cabo.

Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
Can riders CARRY GAS ?
I don't think a "no carry" rule can be made unless Norra was to handle the fuel (ala Dakar).
Can you imagine if we all HAD to rely on a pit service that happened to not be in the correct spot (can't imagine that ever happening, right?).
It would also play into stategy; hope you make the miles of a section with only what your tank holds, or carry extra bouncing around weight and possibly have to stop and dump it in, or don't carry and pray the pit service gas is actually where it's supposed to be.

At the Nevada Rally we were not allowed to carry gas ever on our bodies but the pits were only like 90 miles apart and you'd see your own personal truck or if it was a longer section then BITD trailered your personal gas jug out to a set spot. So really it was a non-issue, everyone was in the same boat, it was reliable.
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