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You could try and lose some of the metal bits off the engine. Replace the front cover with carbon fibre. Maybe the same with the airbox and starter lid. Maybe there are lighter starters available. The indicators can be replaced with something lighter. It just starts to get a bit expensive and time consuming, after the obvious stuff. Take the tools out, they can go in the luggage. Fit lighter mirrors. I don't know if there is much of a difference in shock weights. Batteries are heavy as well, Handlebars, could be another one. I am sure some are lighter than others.

I don't think it needs to be necesarily that expensive . I have dropped as much crap off mine as I could & I'm as tight as a tight thing. Getting rid of the ridiculous BMW wiring, relays, lites, speedos etc is a great start. Got a real small motobatt. I dropped about 30kgs replacing the stock collector& muffler with phils cast off Y pipe & a Ti pipe
I couldn't believe the difference in weight between my DRZ & GS wheels either - WOW.

if I get another attck of motivation I would look at replace the subframe with something smaller but then you lose the luggage compatibility. I wonder if you could lighten the driveshaft without any detrimental effect.
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