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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
Consider a standard GS too. They're plenty big and a shitload lighter. GSAs are mainly for posers. The "I'm going to Alaska! Umm ... next year. Maybe" crowd.
WHATEVER! I ride my ole girl everywhere the GS's have gone on the rides I've been with. And I'm only 5'9 and 160# soaking wet. But I'm a retired Squid and have a mean streak endowed by my alcoholic Scottish father and my tender loving MARINE DI's at AOCS back in the day.

First thanks to you ground-pounders. Hats off to ya and prayers up to heaven for ya. Thank-you for standing the watch!

I have an 07 GSA. I bought it used in the fall of 09 with 17,000 miles on it and I love it. I think that starting with a solid used one that you can verify the history on is an excellent way to go. Mine has been trouble free. I can load the hell out of it and ride 500+ mile days on the slab without issue. Then strip off all the gear and go down dirt roads and trails to my heart's content. I've ridden it in California, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado back country. It's reliable and trustworthy. It's also quick and quiet. I have left more than one Harley and crotch-rocket-riding punk at a stoplight and in the twisties eating my big girl's dust! I do some minor wrenching on it too. I'm biased to the BMW, though they all are solid choices. My 2 cents worth: get back home safely and then I'm sure you will find some locals who will show you theirs and let you try them out. Then you will know which one fits and works for you. I know for me, a smaller bike would be better for off-roading. I was going to buy a KTM 350, but this SWEET HP2 Enduro popped up a month ago and well, now I have TWO 1200cc Boxers in the garage. I love them both. If you are around Las Vegas, hit me up. You can try them both.
Best wishes and God Speed Marine.
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