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Day 5

Ou Tai to Muang Khua

(Trip to Pakha not shown in the route on the map as a wrong turn we made)
Map image used with permission of GT-Rider (

Leave Ou Tai early and work our way up through the fog up the mountain.

Some great pics up above the clouds.. Just amazing.. We could have sat there all morning looking at this..

Time to head back down the mountain and in to the cloud

Some of the scenery along the way out..

Kids at he local school to the top left. This was a very poor village.. some of them looked like they were malnourished.

Back at Omelette central.. Glad to get here and have a feed after only having instant noodles the night before.

Ever wondered how to stir you three in one coffee.. We did. Then looked at how the locals do it.. Live - learn - adapt.

Wrong turn to the Pakha border crossing with China.. No Karate kick reception this time :-)

Hit a fair bit of roadworks with lots of trucks... Not fun for a while with those maniac Chinese truck drivers tearing down the mountain.

Then it was all good riding..

UNTIL.. Road works again.. Delayed quite some time. Chatting with a Thai couple from Chiang Mai travelling around in a Thai pickup..
After the road works finally cleared.. We ripped down the mountain.
Great fun going for it.. but keeping safe also as night time was not far away and no incidents needed so close yet so far away..

Made it to Muang Khua just on dusk..

To be continued...
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