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Singapore Adventure

Hello Everyone!
I hope to be joining you in Singapore if I get past the final hurdles with a company there.
It would be a longer term position and would involve travel in the surrounding contries.
I own several motorcycles in the US from a lean Ducati to a bulky Harley and a versatile KTM 950. but with the prices in Singapore that does not look to be very practical so I'm in search of a good all around motorcycle that would do well commuting and getting around in Singapore and do well for trips up into Malaysia/Thailand and beyond occassionally.
The bike that has caught my attention the most at this point is a Triumph 800XC. It is similar to my KTM 950 Adventure, little less power and suspension is not as adjustable but it certainly seems that it would do the job around Singapore and be well suited for bad roads in Malaysia/Thailand while being able to carry enough of a load and make good time on the highways on the return trip when hurrying back to work.

Thoughts are to pick up a slightly used one here and go through the importation process there with expenses estimated at around..
  • Motorcycle purchase $10,000-12,000
  • Shipping $1500
  • Import fees $2500-3000
  • License registration $2500
  • TOTAL $$16,500-19,000 USD
Questions and advice I'm hoping you guys can give are...
  1. I've done some research on the Import Process to come up with my figures but am hoping for some local insight as it of they are reasonable and pitfalls that might be encountered while going down that road?
  2. Is there anyone there that would be able to service a Triumph be it a dealer or a good independent? I am comfortable doing a all of the basic work myselfI up to replacing fork seals etc. and with the reliabilty of todays bikes I wouldn't expect to have to do A LOT but will still need some parts.
  3. Alternative Bikes that would meet my riding needs and have good local support? Also considering another KTM that is new enough to be imported. Entrance price goes up about $5K BMW's are a possiblity but by the time their Adventure bikes make enough power to thrill my soul they are approaching the weight of my Harley plus the entrance price will be closer to $30K than 20K
  4. Anything else about Motoing in Singapore in general... insurance, parking,
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