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Originally Posted by rutard View Post
That's a lotta work. But sounds like it went well.

Is there gonna be a writeup?...
Yes, there will be.

I haven't run into any expensive surprises yet, but the job is just begun and there is plenty of time to bust a transmission case or score a piston. The transmission input/output splines are in excellent condition. They need to be cleaned, but there aren't any signs of wear that I can see. The driveshaft universals are well and truly thrashed, the rear is notchy in both planes and the front is floppy to the extreme. I knew the rear joint was bad in October when my final drive seal started weeping, so I bought a good one from the flea market. I'll send the old out to be reworked sometime next year.

My busted bolt count is 2.
One is in the left head, it seized and twisted off when I was removing my head guard. The other secures the alternator belt cover, that bolt rounded out and I had to drill the head off.
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