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The most boring bike you've ever ridden

Posting this in road warriors because blacktop is boring, right?

Unlike most people, I seem to actually gravitate towards "boring" bikes. Words like appliance and bland sound like synonyms for "workhorse" and "reliable" to me. I hear linear power delivery and 50+ mpg and I get unexcited!

A few choice quotes about boring bikes, bike models removed to protect the guilty:

Originally Posted by DiabloADV View Post
The most boring motor in the history of irrigation pump motors.
Originally Posted by EetsOK View Post
Tried numerous ones and they are all boring. They work well enough, comfort, handling, braking pwoer are all very good for a bike in its class and price but somehow I feel bored on it. It does everything very well except it is as interesting as a new kitchen appliance.
Originally Posted by X1Glider View Post
123 RWHP but an utterly boring linear acceleration, an annoying intake "wheeze" instead of a howl, and vibes that are much finer but in a frequency that doesn't agree with my wrists, 4 less mpg, fully adjustable suspension that really is just ok.

Just an ok bike, IMO. It actually bores me to tears.
Originally Posted by stripple View Post
in my opinion of of the most boring bikes on the road. For me, lack of character in a bike is a death sentence. I cannot own a bike that has no "soul".
Originally Posted by bogey78 View Post
It was a good tourer, dirt road rider, weekend getaway, haul camping gear bike. It worked every time and was easy to own. It was just more boring than I wanted.

What's the most boring bike you've ever ridden? What was so boring about it? What bikes failed to achieve the pinnacle of boringness?

What bikes have a pulse-calming, breath-regulating, drool-correcting effect every time you ride or look at them?

My entry, a bike so boring I can't even find a decent image more recent than the summer 2011:

--Semantics are everything.
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