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Nice write up HF.

Disclaimer: Use the following information at your own risk, it should be right, but you never know.

The drain plug torque is 40nm. It's not in the massive torque table at the end, it's in the engine torque picture show, page F4.12. Lower left hand corner. To sanity check, I cross checked the F650 oil change for dummies page, it says 40nm too.

The filter cover bolts are 10nm.

The oil level check is the most complicated I've ever seen. The thing needs a sight glass! By the book instructions are:

1) start bike and run until cooling fan starts, then 3 minutes more, then stop bike.
2) remove dipstick, clean
2a) Bike should be level, as in vertical, not on side stand, and level front to back
3) place dispstick in hole, do not screw in
4) check for level between min and max

There is, according the the manual, a .25liter difference between min and max.

I found about an 8 oz difference between on the side stand vs. vertical. (on my strada, with the preload up from stock, it leans more than your Terra appears to.)
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