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Originally Posted by Ol'NumNuts View Post
I noticed on the shop Mule you have a LED light bar mounted as well as the spots.
Care to comment how this might work as a short distance flood 'fill light' to complement the spots. I'm a little surprised this hasn't been mentioned through the thread?
I know pics of lights at night are problematic, but the pics in the field with the 100 ft markers do offer a reasonable comparison???
In heavy bush, at night, I want a bright wide light so I can see a little around corners, up above and indeed down below. It can be pretty daunting coming to a steep drop-off at night. I want to see right in front and below- not just what's way down the road...
Bright long spots are pretty useless on tight trails, but you sure look for them as soon as it opens up a little. Really, there is need for both...
Care to comment?
Your absolutely correct. I personally do a lot of night riding/racing. 24 hr racing has been our specialty.
There is a need for long range and a flood like pattern. One main reason we offer many different beam patterns. On my personal bike I run all 10 deg beams, If I'm riding trail at night I use a helmet mounted light like our Solstice HID, This gives me a light that I can use for low speed tight trails as well as fast fire road riding. Very few big bike ADV riders will buy into a helmet mounted light.
Nothing beats that setup. It is also a 10 deg beam, however do to the fact that it is helmet mounted you can see where you look and no flood is necessary.
For the guy who mistakenly thinks helmet mounted lights are not needed then a flood pattern will help in tighter conditions.
The light beams of the light bars or other lights we have include 10, 25, 40, and 60 deg beam patterns.
One light will not work for all conditions. Aiming the lights you do have properly will help quite a bit for any given situation.
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