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Originally Posted by Some Dude View Post
Where the HP2 E air shock accelled in my humble opinion was slow technical hill climbing or dual sporting of flat roads, did phenomenal in those conditions. However if you hit a water break or any kind of a decent bump the front would blow through and the rear would kick up dangerously due to no rebound control,.......the same reason you did not like it on the street. The air shock was super light and if they could have designed it with a tuneable orifice to dial in rebound and compression like they do on mountain bikes they'd be onto something The air shock has A LOT less inertia due to it's much lighter weight and consequently can respond quicker to changes in traction and is progressive by nature (the harder it's compressed the stiffer it gets)
This is my thinking too - no issues in the slower, technical work. But on high speed work over bumps and whoops, the back end of the bike comes up and hits you in the arse. As I'm getting faster, I'm getting more tempted to switch to an Ohlins or Wilburs.

I will say that mine has been thoroughly abused, including a heap of 2 up, loaded riding and 30k miles later all seems well. It's also a bunch lighter than a conventional shock.

All the gear.. no idea!
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