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Originally Posted by Dabears View Post
My local Vespa dealer lists BV350 as $5499.

The Vespa GTS300 Super Sport is $6399

Looking up Burgman 400s- the 2013 ABS model is $7899 (I didn't see non abs versions) although 2012 leftovers are mostly on sale for around $1000 less.

Kymco Downtown 300i- $5599.

While I respect individual preferences for different models, I get frustrated when opinions are not based on fact. I realize you don't know US scooter prices, nor which models are/aren't available. That said, dismissing the BV350 based on an opinion that is not fact based is very frustrating. You've alluded to Piaggio and Vespa being unreliable. Fine. You've made statements about poor quality. Also fine, but until you want to back it up with facts about a specific model, then please stop slamming something that a lot of folks are excited about here in the US.

The fact is BV350s are getting a large fan base and are selling well, while the rest of the scooter market seems to be only slowly recovering from the lousy economy. Whether it proves to be a reliable or unreliable scooter will be revealed over time. The folks on Modern Vespa are not indicating technical problems. These are real world owners from mostly the UK and the US. Time will tell.

As to Piaggio parts availability, I think everyone has acknowledeged concerns about Piaggio's commitment to the US and whether parts and service will be a challenge. We'll see.

Incidently, I don't own a BV350. I haven't decided what my next scooter will be, but I like to base decisions on unbiased facts, not comments by folks with a perceived vendetta against a particular brand.

Facts are one thing, but when it comes to choosing bikes (and wimminz) logic, facts,
and objective-thinking usually get left at home.

I have 2 BV350s on order, kinda against my better judgement as a long-time and occasionally
frustrated Piaggio scooter owner. So either Im crazy, or that BV is something kinda special. The Missus and
I both test rode it and, well its a sexy and luxurious scooter and has the "X" factor which
on a human of the opposite sex would be called pheromones.

Cant deny the attraction. Life's too short to try to make only rational decisions when it comes to certain things.
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