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Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
Consider a standard GS too. They're plenty big and a shitload lighter. GSAs are mainly for posers. The "I'm going to Alaska! Umm ... next year. Maybe" crowd.
Hey... I have a GSA and am going to Alaska next year...maybe...,,, Prior 3rd LAR guy here ('95-'99). Thanks for all you guys do and risk for us to sit on out fat asses here at home. I have had one GS and 2 GSA's and love them. My latest is a '12 GSA. Yes the GS is lighter, but there are some reasons to go for the GSA even if your not planning a fictitious Alaska trip. For most of us the majority of our mileage will be on the pavement. The increased fuel capacity is nice and like someone mentioned before, the tank does block a good amount of wind blast. If you get the adventure panniers (aluminum) they will hold up to a get-off better than the plastic GS cases, not to mention the engine guards are standard on the GSA. And of course lets be looks cooler, so the CDI factor (Chicks Dig It) is higher than the GS. You can usually find numerous clean and well farkled GSA's on this site in the fleamarket. I personally picked up my first 2 here on this forum. Great members....

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