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Originally Posted by max1138 View Post
Dakez, we will have to agree to disagree.
Im buying a bike not a relationship,
you may be a good fellow and a good salesman. the two are not exclusive after all, and you may think of me what you wish.
fortunately my self image does not depend upon someone commenting on a motorcycle forum.
were I in your dealership I would make a fair offer on whatever I wished to purchase, if you turn it down that is your business to do so. and mine to take my money and walk away if we cannot come to agreeable terms. simple as that..
You know, I agree with this. I think what others are saying is odd is the waiting six months and visiting dealers in three state for a dealer to come to your price. If that price is several thousands lower, then by all means wait it out. If only a few hundred dollars, then really, what is the point?
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