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Originally Posted by Anorak View Post
BMW has a poor record with wet clutches and transmissions.
It's 2012. I think the meshing of gears and the concept of the wet clutch is pretty ironed out at this point. I'll even go as far as to speculate that perhaps the oilheads were the dark ages as they moved from old to new technology. I'm the last one to pontificate on the success of the 1000 4 cylinder they've taken the 1L sportbike world by storm with but to be fair they hit one out of the park.

They may have the design it on CAD/build it with modern technology we let others understand (even if they seem to be leaning heavily on cultures with significant amounts of rice in their diets for major input in one way shape or form or another) and it will work and work well concept down.

I remember in an MOA magazine once a picture of an 1150GS, and they had the country of origin of all the components, wheels, injectors, brakes, etc etc and it was almost all euro. I'd be curious to know how this geographic source demographic would look, not that it matters, if it rips it rips. It sure sounds like each individual exhaust pop when he revs it is being delivered with meaningful firings of internal combustion.

I'm not saying I'd buy one I'd rather have a 2013 Honda 450 but that wouldn't end well and I'm not in a big hurry to lay that kind of money down for what would amount to commuter street riding in a pathetically short riding season.

The Nikon 300mm F2.8 however might be just the ticket.

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