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Thanks for all the replies so far!

I am as TOM mentioned I really am looking only between the two I mentioned, although in all honesty my bias towards Suzuki mostly comes from an 1980 something Suzuki that was my first dirt bike when I was 9. (Ironically that bike burnt a good portion of skin from the inside of my leg when I couldn't control it's lean...)

In reply to bomber1965, my experience is from between the ages of 9 and 15 riding trails in the beginning and towards the latter years some dirt jumping on closed tracks. Consequently I feel quite confident on trails but as far a true technique and skill I am unsure.

I wish I could give some more info on the trails around here but I honestly don't know, the major reason of this bike is to go exploring and have adventure and so I have no idea what is waiting out there =P

So along with that, I eventually plan to use this bike for some camping excursions when I have money to put some sort of luggage racks on it. Plus since I plan on having this bike for a lengthy period of time, I have heard the maintenance and trail repairs on DR/DRZ are much less hassle

Also, I am 20 years old and I would say reasonably fit but not a body builder by any means.
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