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Honda XR400

Seasons Greetings Kiwi ADV riders. I used to do the odd trail ride with my Son, started off with a KDX 200 and he had a XR 80, 100,200 and then I bought a 1997 XR 400 with the plan to do some more trail riding....well that was 2 years ago and the old XR has done one lap of the block...
Its road legal but following a bit of internet research I picked up some 'XR 600' ones on TM that had good rubber on all accounts ' a bolt on"......
As usual scope creep set in....rear wheel came off.....hmmm may as well lube the suspension.....having read all the horrors of the swing arm bolt on ADV rider I thought it was a give it would be seized.....well no it wasn't tapped thru easily....
Lubed it all up and the rear wheel bolted right up using the old spacers, the caliper was however seized....... ( puts to one side)
Took off the front wheel and removed the disc.....oh doesn't fit..... its 240 in diameter which according to the innernet......fits from 250-600....bolt holes are smaller.
futher googling and I'm thinking it may have had a 250 wheel fitted.....
Oh this stage I'll just swap over the tyre....
Anyone confirm my theory?

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