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Question dual sport comparison

Hey guys, I am looking for a bike that I can take almost anywhere (let's say 65% street, 20% track, 15%dirt). I would primarily just be doing weekend twisty riding/exploring. So I figured I would check out some dual sports. A couple bikes have really caught my eye so far, specifically, the KTM 690 Enduro R and the Husqvarna TE650 Terra.

I just have a couple of questions that maybe you guys could help me answer:

First off, do you think I am going in the right direction with looking at those two bikes, based on what I said I wanted?
I have not seen too much info on taking those bikes onto race tracks... I dont know if anyone here has done any track riding with dual sports... so maybe someone could tell me if I am out of bounds.

Secondly, would you say those bikes are comparable? Are there better options I should be exploring? (either from those manufacturers or from others) I would appreciate just some general feedback about either one of those bikes (it would be awesome if there could be some comparison made between them)

I only know what I have seen on paper, which is basically that the KTM cost about 3 grand more, but you are going to get what you pay for. It is lighter, has more HP, more suspension travel, higher seat height/ground clearance... I would like to hear from some owners to see what their opinions are though.

thanks guys!
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