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Originally Posted by nachtflug View Post
if you are referring to Unadilla I think there is a big difference in holding your line while someone miscalculates and pushing people around. And I'm not a "fan" of Barcia and he grew up 20 minutes from where I'm typing.

I like Dungey a lot but this sport is super aggressive at the local level I can't imagine how intense it is with pro's. I take that back I've stood at the first turn in recent years at Southwick and Unadilla - they do tend to collectively negotiate the first turns at pro nationals with enthusiasm and quiet passion.

I like Dungey and he will win more outdoor titles but any SX titles he won or will win are due to significant attrition.
Yeah, I know. Also there's quite a difference in pushing and shoving in most outdoor races and SX. Gonna be interesting if Barcia and Stewart get close together But saying that, I really don't like seeing anyone crashing out, even riders I don't really care for.

Hopefully there will be more than 5 contenders in this SX season, looks like there will be to start with at least.
I should be ready for A1, got a new DVR coming next week.
Maybe Speed will be ready, we need to brace ourselves for the return of Ralph Sheheen

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