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Nice pictorial HF!

A couple of tricks you may want to employ during oil changes:

If you don't have a new crush washer (forgot to get one) just flip it over. I've done it and it works fine. Although that Yamaha stuff sounds good!

You also may want to put a bit of oil on the o-ring before you put the cap back on. It's less likely to bind then.

It appears there are a few cross over parts from the F800GS/F700GS/F650 GS to the TR650s. I just confirmed today with HF (thanks!) that the side stand foot is the same as the F800 GS. I've only confirmed the Terra so far and I'm not sure about the Strada but it does appear the same. Since they haven't delivered here in BC yet I can't confirm until later this month unless someone knows for sure. Be careful it's not the same as the F700/F650 GS (depending on the foot design) as those are mirror imaged. I'm sending him one to confirm although he has an F8 so we already know it fits. I just happened to post this too:

That oil drain plug also appears to be the same as the twins. They now have an allen head in them as well though.

We are also contemplating making some other parts for the TR650s. Namely a top rack and a maybe a skid plate. If the process continues on I'll be fielding the opinions of the inmates as we usually do.


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