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Originally Posted by Scrubadubbdubb View Post
Hey guys and girls,

I've creeped on here for way too long just wishing I could get myself a dual sport bike and go adventuring! Thankfully, it looks like that time may be very near in my future but I need a little help from the experience of you all on here to help me decide between two.

I'm about 5' 5" and weigh in at 140lbs. Around where I live now, 85% of daily places to go require using the interstates to get there. While ideally I would be using this bike around 50/50 road/dirt I estimate it will be more like an 85/25 or more commuter.

The first model choice according to the dealer is a 2013 DRZ650S but on Suzuki's site is seems this is a DR650SE, the second choice is a 2011 DRZ400S.

I have been leaning more towards the 400 because it will be lighter and easier to maneuver on the trail AND I expected the seat height would be as least slightly less than the 650. According to Suzuki specs the seat height of the 400 is 36.8 inches where as the 650 is only 34.8 inches. The dealer said they could lower the 650 if I wanted, I'm thinking they could do the same on the 400.

I believe my main concern is that I don't want to feel like I'm lacking power on the interstate or killing the bike if I was on the interstate for a few hours. (Note: I have seen areas around here where the speed limit is 75mph)

Obviously I am not a huge guy so the weight of the 400 appealed to me in that sense, on the road I don't think its such a big deal but depending on the trails, I wonder if the 650 would be a bit gommy.

Okay, I know I'm being long winded but the last note is that I am not looking to do any modifications at this time so please bear in mind the decision is pretty much between the completely stock versions of these two bikes.

Thank you in advance for your help and wisdom =D
Fill out your profile with your general location. You might have riders local that would let you try their DR, DR-Z, WRR, etc.

For what you describe, unless your location has only seriously-technical singletrack, I'd suggest the DR650SE. Mine rides like an overweight trailbike off-pavement. It rides slab nicer than my Yamaha Radian streetbike.

The big DR has the torque, stability, and the gearing spread for cruising slab in relative comfort. The DR-Z doesn't have as much torque or gearing spread, so it's not as happy going from dirt to slab. The big DR also isn't known for being buzzy on the slab, while the DR-Z tends to be buzzy unless the sprockets are swapped to taller cogs.

Either bike can easily be made MUCH better than stock, but neither is a full-on race enduro. Either bike can be lowered, but the DR is usually easier.
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