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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Surreal Duplo is re-tyre-ing...?!
Okay, maybe re-bike-ing would be a better way to put it?

Originally Posted by doyle View Post
OK, I'll spill it...

Helder's contract was only for Morocco and Dakar. Word has it that Cyril has done a deal with HRC and they will not pay for two top riders.
Wow...! So money talks... and the hard work (all the testing preparation/lead up and co-operation with R&D at HRC) walks eh...?

If it's true, then so much for the value placed on long term relationships and allegency... with regards the actions of both Depres towards KTM and HRC towards Helder...

Originally Posted by B-Rod View Post
Sheesh! That's a risky move. That would be like Sebastien Loeb quitting Citroen for VW in the WRC
Yep going from the reigning (dominant) champions, to a new (as yet unproven) platform... all for the dollar signs? Well, it's NOT unprecedented is it...?
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