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It's a surprise to me too as I figured Cyril would follow most of the other riders over to 4 wheels but I see Cyril as someone who relishes a challenge. He's marketable, dynamic, personable, and not afraid to show different aspects of his regimen, etc... all stuff that works well for a top line rider. Plus, in looking at his reliability, he's top notch. 4 wins, 4 seconds, and only 1 withdrawal in 11 tries, compared to his immediate peers, he is the true alien. He doesn't make questionable mistakes like even Coma does on occasion.

He got a bad wrap last year but the reality is that we don't know what transpired between he and Goncalves. We also didn't view it from the perspective of being in race mode, red mist, and all that, so in taking things as I saw them, I find it hard to fault him. Personally, I can think of only 3 or 4 riders that really hit HRC's hot buttons for ability, reliability, name recognition, and regional appeal throughout the South American market and I would put Cyril at the top of that list.
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