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Originally Posted by charapa View Post
Isn't there some sort of saying about "not switching horses in mid-stream !"
Announcing that you are leaving one team (at the end of the season) for another... BEFORE the season starts (much less before ther BIGGEST race of the calender) would not seem to do much for team moral in the bivouac, nes pas?

Originally Posted by doyle View Post
From a very reliable, but unnamed source that has yet to be incorrect.
Like they say about Dolmio Bolognaise Doyle... your sauces are always impeccable!

Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post

That's huge. I thought Cyril is in the middle of a two-year contract though, expiring sometime in mid 2014?

edit: Sorry just saw that it expires in November of '13. Still, not much time to prepare to ride '14 in red...?
My thoughrs eggsactly Brodo... Not to mention the "team spirit" in the KTM camp (again... if this revelation IS true).

But methinks letting something like this slip before Dakar 2013... if the "switch" is not till end 2013, is amajor faux pas on the part of Cyril's management. Cyril Duplicity or "Money Boy" could be the new non de plume perhaps?
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