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Talking DAKAR goes WALL STREET...?

Originally Posted by doyle View Post
It's a surprise to me too as I figured Cyril would follow most of the other riders over to 4 wheels but I see Cyril as someone who relishes a financial windfall. He's marketable, opportunistic, personable, and not afraid to exploit different aspects of his business acumen, etc... all stuff that works well for a top line stock broker. Plus, in looking at his bankability, he's top notch. 4 wins, 4 seconds, and only 1 withdrawal in 11 tries, compared to other market peers, he is the true alien. He doesn't make questionable investments like even Coma does on occasion.

He got a mud wrap (and mid race all over body scrub and facial) last year, but the reality is that we don't know what transpired between he and Goncalves (maybe they had booked the spa together, and Gonk's vivid on camera display of displeasure at the time was because Cyril was hogging the loofa...and left in a huff?! ).

We also didn't view it from the perspective of being in spa mode, aroma therapy and all that, so in taking things as (we all) saw them I find it hard to admonish Cyril... he obviously gave Gonk a "happy ending" as compensation at the bivouac?

Personally, I can think of only 3 or 4 riders that really hit HRC's investment portfolio for bankability, marketability, name recognition, and global appeal throughout the saviour fare marketplace... and I would put Cyril Despay at the top of that list.
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