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Originally Posted by Balkan Boy View Post
Timing for this announcement/gossip seems very strange to me.
I can't see the upside of doing it before the race.
And just as a reminder, CRF only did half of Dakar in Morocco and one of them went PUF.
"announcement" is stretching the term a bit... It's cyber gossip or a (wll informed?) insider rumour at best at the moment... but like you say - if it is true - this could have severe "bite one in the ass" ramifications for a solid DAKAR campaign in the coming weeks.

Up till now I had Cyril as #1 tip for the podium (again) this year... Especially with Coma's injury - then subsequent withdrawal.

THIS could be a (major) chink in the armour for CDP's 2013 title quest... I think Tiger Woods called it "taking your eye off the ball..." ?
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