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Originally Posted by Motogymkhanaman View Post
Check out this video instead. At 0:14 you will see the rider enter the obstacle (double Jink) and touch his front wheel to the line.

ahhhhj, got it! thanks. tried some cool weather slides today, shit tonnes of traction, couldn't get the back end to power slide at all, just wheelied out of turns.

I found I really don't like bar risers (7/8") at all for slow speed stuff, gp8 specifically. its great off road and standing , but pa king lot stuff really suffered right at apex and directly after. felt like I was wrestling a bull down instead of just pushing the bike over. ya know?

man, I really want to put some sliders on the scooter and bend it around the cones some. still apprehensive of how well I'll jump off it if/when it gets dropped.
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