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I'll drop 7K on this bike TODAY!

Originally Posted by eakins View Post
fast forward this thread and we see Yamaha added FI to it's XT250 as it's US
air-cooled & FI 250cc offering. this of course becomes a harder argument to buy from Yamaha when for less $ Honda sells the CRF250L.
I looked at the CRF250L at the Seattle bike show, and I wasn't very impressed. Overall, the bike had a cheap feel. Of course, the price tag reflects that. It's another aggressively designed street legal dirt bike, with a high seat and a chintzy steel exhaust that'll rust out in a few years.

On the other hand, it was a real disappointment that Yamaha chose to not bring an XT 250 to the show... They may not sell like the WR or the TTR, but there is a contingent of people out there like me, that want an XT 250 or a Super Sherpa type of ride. Not that us folks are pussies, afraid of riding aggressively (I own and ride a bevy of bikes from a '12 DL650ADV to a KLX250S to a KLR650 to an 03 and an 09 Super Sherpa, along with others), or even recklessly... These bikes cause a rider to look around. To slow down and absorb what's around. Smell the flowers, taste the coffee sort of thing...

I took me a while to learn this, and I learned it by accident and frustration, that on a lot of the rides that I'm enjoying the most, I'm enjoying them on the Super Sherpa. And even though I can push that little bike pretty hard, and it takes the punishment well, I've found that the low seat, upright yet relaxed riding position, GREAT handling (it's more flick-able than the KLX), ease of maintenance and repair, and mostly very easy on the pocket book (less than $100 a year for full coverage insurance, up to 76 mpg, low maintenance costs, etc.) makes this type of bike more and more attractive to ride. Long trips or short trips, packing for a few days or picking up milk from the store because we ran out... This little bikes are the bee's knees!

I like, no, LOVE the XTZ250 Tenere! I would buy that bike today for 7K! With a SOHC. With 2 valves. Especially air cooled! But mostly because that bike will do 300 miles + on that big ole gas tank (172 ~ 180 on the Sherpa, same with the XT250 prob). The one thing about the 250 Tenere I despise is that they're rolling on steel wheels... I could pass on the FI... Dead battery, NO START. Not good out in the boonies by yourself... But in the end, I'd buy it because none of the plastics manufacturers make larger tanks for this class of bike...

BTW, I bought a map at Touratech after the bike show of Northern California. What a great map! Looking forward to rolling around that countryside on one of my little twofiddies! And yes, My Sherpa wears a bit of Touratech...

Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year to All.
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