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Answers on a postcard please
I dunno... but if I was Helder, I'd be pissed. Jump on board a new (but great potential) factory project, help form, develop and refine the R&D package from scratch... building for a future dynasty perhaps?

And then you get bumped after the "premier", because they hire a(n even) big(ger) name from the rival empire after all the groundwork is done...?

I don't know who said it originally; but a faithfull footsoldier is often a more committed ally than a hired mercinary. In the heat of battle it can be the sense of dedication and cameraderie that makes the difference... not the size of the paycheck... just ask Ducati/Yamaha, Ferrari/Sauber Mercedes etc.
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"There is a difference between constructive criticism and plain rudeness."

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"It's like deja vu all over again."

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"...the Barstid never gives you anything for your Sig line, it's always too long........."
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