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Originally Posted by ohgood View Post
ahhhhj, got it! thanks. tried some cool weather slides today, shit tonnes of traction, couldn't get the back end to power slide at all, just wheelied out of turns.

I found I really don't like bar risers (7/8") at all for slow speed stuff, gp8 specifically. its great off road and standing , but pa king lot stuff really suffered right at apex and directly after. felt like I was wrestling a bull down instead of just pushing the bike over. ya know?

man, I really want to put some sliders on the scooter and bend it around the cones some. still apprehensive of how well I'll jump off it if/when it gets dropped.
I guess your on the DR? Yup, the trailies get light at the front between turns. Too get the bike to drop at the apex you need to be on the brakes & counter steering but with a positive throttle. It will drop like a brick. If your pushing your fighting, which is my problem, I don't have the confidence to let the physics do the job, on the brakes to turn, off the brakes to let the bike come up again. Sounds easy, huh?
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