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That's scary. It sort of spells KTMs withdrawal from the Dakar to focus on other racing pursuits, and stinks of racing programs dictated by marketing teams. It seems for the last ten years that both car and bike marques have been trying to keep out of each others way which is a damn shame. For example the cars. First mitsu, they retire And hand over the keys to vw who clean sweep for 4 years, who then leave the party and pass the keys to mini. This isn't head to head racing but a marketing exercise with the veneer of competition.

In the bikes less so, but it just starts to stink as if the marketing depts meet in some secret Bilderberg bunker and cut up the racing schedule so as to notch up wins unopposed. "We'll give you moto3 for the next 5 years to prop up your duke 200/390 sales if you give us the Dakar" kind of thing. However, look at HRC leaving after they launched the Africa twin. Or BMW's one off effort with Sainct to sell a gazillion F650s.

Point being that the really scary scenario in all of this -might never happen and I am just being paranoid- is that KTM desert the Dakar having nothing left to prove after 10 years. With so much money invested in winning, who wants to tarnish that image by potentially losing to the increasing efforts of HRC? Walk away while you're still on top, save face and all that...

I hope I am wrong because just the thought really depresses me. While the 450 formula is supposed to generate competition, the marketing departments (may they all burn in hell) have a different agenda
I hate quoting myself,but, on cue, this. Notice the numbers gained in offroad and street bikes respectively (about 1 dirt bike to 4 road bikes), and the emphasis on the small capacity Duke models. Could be that Dakar is turning into a Veni-Vidi-Vici-Got the Tshirt affair for Orange.

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