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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
; spend most of your fitness time on the mountain bike (the pundits claim they're safer... but after watching some of those Danny McCaskill Youtube videos... I reckon the jury's still out on that verdict )
Dunno, my bro-in-law sold his motorbike after a crash that broke his wrist and meant he missed a summer of MTBing. Fast forward a couple of years and he's currently recovering after riding into a tree on the MTB and separating his collarbone. I've certainly not been winding him up by suggesting he get a nice safe motorbike, or threatening to buy him some stabilisers. Oh no

Originally Posted by Mad Cow View Post
Neil, that's a really bugger about the leg, hope it's a clean break and heals ok

I sympathise as this was me just before the 2012 Dakar, mind you it did mean I could fully participate in the 2012 F5 Dakar

Suspected fracture of the tibial plateau (not good), luckily it turned out to me ligament and muscle damage only, although I didn't finish physio until September, although I did seven days of rallying in the mean time
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