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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
I think we've met...didn't the truck break down one time and you guys rode the 650 out for parts? Brake problem or something?


Oh Yeah, that was us. The master brake cylinder went out on are truck coming down north, while pulling our 5th wheel or should i say it was pushing us. We thought we were going to die. I was so glad I had just installed a brake exhaust the week before. We will probably be out there for Death valley daze but no RV. Thanks for remembering us. We got everything fixed and had a nice ride on the Dakar. Hunter mountain, race track and back into saline through south pass. The only way I can ride 2 up is that my wife is a great pillion. She doesn't even freak out we her boot drags in the twisties when were flying. And it nice to have her with me to get the bike off of me when I get stuck underneath. We were out in Saline Valley with the bike all loaded up, a few years back, and met Jimmy Lewis. He thought we were nuts ridding 2 up. Maybe so, but we sure love riding together. It still cool that we were able to impress him.
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