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Originally Posted by Flood View Post
I also think that IF the rumor is true, the background could be KTM retiring from the Dakar. Manufacturer of the year or not, they still aren't totally stable financially and they have been hurting since 2008. Keeping up the huge factory effort for the Dakar is a completely different thing for KTM than for a company like Honda.

Maybe KTM says 11 wins is enough, Coma is retiring and Despres is out to earn some more money at HRC?
This makes sense... if Mattighofen are going to pull the plug on Dakar to minimise the corporate expenditure in the GFC climate, and the Sapnish Alien is winding up, then perhaps the brass at KTM would give Despres the heads up and effectively a green light to make the switch to HRC (after january... if Doyles contract info' is on the money) on mutually agreeable terms...

In which case the motivation for CDP to "go out on a winning note" with the old guard could provide the focus and team spirit necessary... see below...

Originally Posted by doyle View Post
Word is his actual contract only includes Dakar 2013. I don't quite agree on the bivouac effect though. He's been with KTM a long time yes, but certainly it's not unheard of in many circles for long time love affairs to make a change. For all Schumi did for Ferrari they nearly pushed him out the door as thanks. F1 is not the right comparison, but in nearly all other aspects of motorsport, there have been long pairings, seemingly unbreakable that have indeed broken and gone on, some to fail, some to flourish. KTM are no dummies. They would be keen to begin the process of grooming replacements as they did with Aubert and Zanol last year, neither of which panned out to Mattighoffen's liking though.
Excellently made counterpoint Mr Doyle (as always) Like you pointed out in a previous post, Cyril is the consumate professional and marketing/PR pin up boy... not to mention his immaculate planning and execution (99% of the time)... so given the premise that Flood outlined above... Yeah, I see the possibility in that scenario (KTM bowing out gracefully) that Cyril and the team would be keen to make one last hurrah for the Orange brigade together, before that chapter is closed and he moves on to the HRC page...

Though as Brodo points out; it is somewhat worrying/dissappointing if KTM decides to hang the banner in the workshop and not compete at factory level in rally any further... also it would not bode too well for the sport. No one team is irreplaceable sure, and though the other teams have started to flourish under the formula 450 revolution, no one entity is big enough to make up the hole left by KTM... unless HRC come in as the new factory power/heir apparent to the throne.

Meanwhile the snipers at Husky/Speedsprain are quietly and stealthily weighing their options...

Man this is turning into a soap opera of Hollywood proportions... you just can't make this stuff up...

Oh... that's right... we are!!!
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