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Originally Posted by matthangen View Post
TuefelHunded, you got pics of the seat?
I can make some pic's if you want them, but it looks "almost" identical to the stock. Even if I could put the original stock side by side with the modified seat it would be very hard to tell the difference. It is a bit wider across the back and I mean "a bit." There are slight differences in the slope where your legs fit on the sides too, but again very slight. You tell the difference by feeling it. One of the things I had him do is work on the channel where your manly parts are. As I said you can't see much of a difference because of the stretch in the cover, but I no longer feel "the boys" crawling up my throat . You do see a noticeable difference between it and the Sergeant, but you could see that with compared to a stock too. Don't know how to explain it, but the foam feels softer than stock but firm at the same time. It AIN'T NO feekin' pillow like some saddles I've seen. LIke I said, I will take some pics if you want.
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