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Originally Posted by XRman View Post
I used to think that they placed the Vic/SA border where the good country stopped! Certainly the forest stops there.
lived in Stirling in the good old days when no one really cared if you rode in the forestry or mountin biked in the NP's

now days it just seems boring(the Family are mostly over there)

Originally Posted by XRman View Post
Any hints on how to rotate those images. I was thinking that there ought to be a feature in photobucket, or else maybe I could put them into another photo program and rotate them that way. Bugger I just found the rotate control under options.

go to Edit picture then

in the bottom left you will see "adjust" the above that is "rotate" and make sure you click "apply" should be all good then as the linking will fix it on here so no need to repost the images
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