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Well, I won't add to the above except to say that I have a BMW-brand trickle charger and every 5 years or so I put a new Yuasau battery in my 2001 1150 GS. I have several bikes (and even the lawn tractor) hooked up with leads, so I rotate the charger between them over the winter (usually a week per gizmo, so one week on and three off) and don't seem to have any negative side effects.

On the more important subject:

I know there are threads on this subject but I still haven't figured out the search engine on this site.

Click on the orange Search label above and a little menu will drop down, then click on the tiny orange period below the blank box and VOILA! a plethora of options appears. Years ago that orange dot was an actual menu item like "advanced search" or something, but it became an orange dot and I don't know why. Maybe it's like a secret handshake or something .

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